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Sommelier Certification

Professional Certifications for Wine Schools and Colleges. Plus direct-to-student online sommelier certifications.

Wine Courses

For Academic Institutions

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Online Sommelier Certifiation



Wine Courses That Can Be Taken At Home

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For Students and Professors


University Access

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Wine Education for Everyone

Our curriculum is designed by academics, sommeliers, and winemakers: the best in their fields. Our wine education programming is offered through universities, colleges, and independent wine schools. Our programs extend from introductory wine classes to master-level programs.

Sommelier Credentials

NWS offers all levels of sommelier certification available in the United States. These online wine programs are designed to be paired with in-classroom learning.

  • Level 2 | Sommelier Certificate
  • Level 3 | Intermediate Certificate
  • Level 4 | Advanced Certificate
  • Level 5 | Master Certificate

National Accreditation

As an accrediting agency, we are charged with ensuring that our affiliated wine schools maintain a high level of educational standards. 

  • Establish operating standards for wine education programs in the United States.
  • Determine if a specific wine school meets those standards.

Online Certification

Our online wine programs are open to all students. Managed by our top sommelier-instructors.

  • Level 1 | Introductory Certificate
  • Level 2 | Sommelier Certificate
  • Level 3 | Intermediate Certificate
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