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We offer the highest level of sommelier certification in the United States. Our programs are comparable to the Court of Master Sommeliers and the Wine and Spirit Education Trust, with two significant improvements. The National Wine School offers ANSI-compliant testing as well as certification for accredited schools and universities.

Federal ANSI Compliance


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Our programs are designed to work within University and College infrastructures. Our programs are deployed by dozens of schools to supplement current wine education programs. Our ANSI compliant sommelier certification programs are SCORM ready and designed for usability.

The National Wine School offers online professional certification programs and certification for the wine trade. We offer certifications for sommeliers, winemakers, and business.

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We offer two levels of online wine programs. Our asynchronous online classes are designed to be taken by the student at their own pace. These can be purchased by anyone, as the wine courses are fully online. Our synchronous programs include both online material and live classroom feeds from the best wine schools and universities in the United States.

From Winemaking to Sommelier Certifications
From Winemaking to Sommelier Certifications

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Educating Sommeliers & Winemakers since 2012

The National Wine School offers online sommelier certification programs in tandem with the best wine schools and universities in the world.
Our programs range from Level One wine certification to Master-Level Sommelier Certifications. We also offer winemaking and beer brewing certifications.

There are two ways to attend a wine course. The first is to register for a sommelier program at your local wine school or community college. Just ask if they offer NWS certification. Local schools can offer in-class, online, and hybrid programs using our programming.

The second way to register for a wine course is to enroll directly from our site. These programs are strictly online and do not have an in-class component

We recommend beginning with the Level One Sommelier program.


Top Ranked by SOMM

Highest Rated Wine Certification in the USA

“The National Wine School is the only certification body that offers nationally compliant accreditation for sommeliers. It is less well known than WSET or CMS in the restaurant trade. However, it has greater acceptance at the college and university level.”

Our Education Policy

We believe that wine education and certification must offer the same level of professionalism and high standards that are employed in colleges and universities across America. We believe that our industry must go beyond the unregulated world of “industry certification” and become accredited at the national level.

Our Core Values

The National Wine School is built upon the core principles of excellence and diversity. Our students come from all walks of life and every socio-economic level. Our commitment to diversity & acceptance dates back to our founding in 2012.

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