I Can’t Access an Online Course I am Registered For

If you were gifted a course. When registering, you were sent an email from the National Wine School that gave you directions to gain access. That email came from [email protected]

If you are a member of a group that purchased bulk seats, you need to contact your group leader. They will need to manually onboard you into the program (see Student Groups).

If you are locked out of your account. This happens if you attempted to use an incorrect password multiple times. This is a security precaution. You will need to wait a day and reset your password before attempting to log in again.

If you registered through another school or university. If you are taking an online-only course and purchased access through another school, then here is what has happened: An account was automatically created for you on this site. A few minutes later, we sent you an email that directed you to change your password. This is all done seconds after your purchase. If you cannot gain access, then it is because you missed our email. You can reset your password yourself by going to “My Account”

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