Purchasing an Online Wine Course for Someone Else

Registering Another Person #

To purchase an online wine course for someone else, register using the group method or purchase a gift certificate. The group method is recommended for businesses, as the option allows you to control who has access.

Purchasing via the Group Method.
Purchasing an online wine program via the group method.

Changing Registrations #

If you need to change registration, there are two methods. The first is one you can do yourself. This method is free but unofficial, so we cannot help you if something goes wrong. The second is for us to change registration officially. This is the recommended way, but it has costs involved.

The Free But Unofficial Method #

Many details of your account can be swapped out manually. That includes name, email, billing address, and mailing address. Make sure to complete all, especially the email address, which requires a confirmation email to change. The username, however, cannot be changed. Remember that we cannot support you if you opt for this route.

The Official Method #

If you would like us to change registration for you, we can. Please note that any discounts will not be honored using this method. Some schools and universities give their students a discount on registering for programs. Those discounts will not roll over when opting to change registrations. You can review enrollment costs here: https://www.wineschool.us/online-wine-courses/.

To start this process, email us at [email protected] from the email address you purchased the program with. Use the subject line OFFICAL METHOD REGISTRATION. In the email, please state that you understand the terms of changing registration, identify the program you want to be removed from your account, and type your full name and address.

At that point, we will remove you from the program and send you a code for what you paid minus $50. You can use this code to register the person using the group method or send it to the person in question to sign up.

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